White Model 65

Here's a surprise. We think that this machine has never been sewn on. Other than our test sewing, of course.

In appearance, sound, smoothness, and in every way it just has that new machine feel. Of course we can't base our judgement just on that.

The paper work that came with this machine hasn't been filled out. There's no buyer's name, no price, the warranty card is blank, and the paperwork is marked, "Premium", meaning that someone got this machine as a prize or as a give away with another purchase, maybe a house or a new car. They didn't go out to get a sewing machine, it just landed in their lap.

This is a real-life time capsule. It's a brand new machine made in the early 1960s, with all the style and quality that implies.

This is a strong Japanese-made machine, capable of sewing multiple layers of heavy material or even leather. It's a straight-stitich with an instant-release Patch-O-Matic foot pressure control and an easy, bed-mounted feed drop control.

Even though it's like new, we never plug in a machine until it's been dusted and lubed. This machine's been taken apart just like every machine we restore, thoroughly gone through and then lovingly detailed to bring out the beauty.

It has a couple of marks on the bed where someone apparently used it as a surface to fasten snaps or grommets, otherwise it's in pristine condition.

To see and hear it sew and to see how to thread it, wind the bobbin and sew on it, watch this video we've made of it. It's entertaining and informative.

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machines, we are passionate about what we do, which is to restore beautiful vintage sewing machines to the best that they can be, because we are in love with the entire genre. The styling, the quality of the materials, the workmanship that went into these great machines just can't be duplicated today.

You, seriously, cannot buy a machine this good, new.

So we search out the best of these fine machines, the ones that are very lightly used, and open them up. We disassemble the tension, the motor, the bobbin case, take off the faceplate, the gear cases, the hand-wheel, the slide plate, the bottom plate, and the back access plate and get down to where the old dried-on oil and grease are. We clean out the packed-in lint and dust, remove the thread-jams, inspect the hook and the needle plate, and generally look for potential problems.

We use high-quality lubricants in all the right places, getting into those spots that aren't as obvious to the average user, and clean out the old hardened grease from the gear cases, and we test the machines to make sure that they are sewing at their best.

After all of this, each machine is carefully detailed, to bring out it's original beauty. These are some of the finest examples of mid-century styling that you'll find, and we want each machine to be the very best that it can be.

Because we believe in these wonderful, built-to-last machines and in the work we do, we offer this free Lifetime Guarantee:

If you ever have a problem with one of our restored vintage machines, just bring or send it back to us and if we can fix it, we'll do so for free. You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

Sorry, it's SOLD!