White 565 Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine

Bought new in 1965, this excellent Japanese-made machine is burly. As with the other White machines of this era this is a strong, heavy machine, and it's powered by a stronger than average, 1.3Amp motor.

The Japanese commitment to quality shows in it's construction and in it's elegant styling.

This is a zigzag machine that also takes the included stitch pattern cams to make a variety of decorative and utility stitches.

It uses standard needles and class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world and available everywhere, and it comes with the manual, a full set of pattern cams, attachment set, and buttonholer, plus extras. (Vintage treadle stand shown in display picture is not included.)

It features easy access, bed mounted reverse and feed drop buttons, and instant release/reset sewing foot pressure adjuster, and the bobbin winder is an effortless, one touch system. There's no struggling with a tight clutch release knob. Flip the bobbin winder up to contact the hand wheel, and the machine disengages automatically. When the bobbin is filled, flip it down and you are ready to sew.

The White machines from the 1960s are some of my very favorites; powerful crouching beasts ready to spring into action.

Sorry to say, she's SOLD!.

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