Vintage Wicox and Gibbs Treadle Chain-stitch Sewing Machine

This sweet little Wilcox and Gibbs treadle chain stitcher is no toy. She's an honest to goodness, real sewing machine and she sews a very clean and straight stitch. Turn your fabric over and you have a decorative chain stitch.

She's been up on our restoration bench and we've had her apart to clean and inspect her parts and pieces. She's been very lightly used and shows almost no wear.

Her decorative decals are as perfect as I've seen and her metal work is excellent. If you examine the photos carefully you can note the evidence of pitting on the sewing bed where, in spite of the re-plating, some small patches of roughness remain.

She runs and sews smoothly and with almost no effort. We've made this video that you can watch to see her in action.

She was part of our shop ambiance for several years and enjoyed a place of prominence in the bus, until a W&G treadle stand showed up for sale a few hundred miles away in Humboldt County, California. That made for a nice road trip through the redwoods to pick it up and bring it home to be her new stand.

Sometime long ago, someone cut out the top to install a more modern Singer VS2 lockstitch machine, so we made an insert out of oak for her to sit on. We'll restore the fiddle-bed VS2 at some later date.

We'll miss her but she should go to a good home where she'll be loved and used. Make her your sewing companion and she'll be with you for the rest of your life.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of western Oregon, it would be best if you can pick her up. If not, we'll pack her carefully and send her to your closest Greyhound station. We'll cover the cost of shipping her to the lower 48 states of the US.

Sorry, she's SOLD!

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