Universal Zgag Sewing Machine

Universal Zigzag Vintage Sewing Machine

Isn't she gorgeous? This beautiful machine was made in Japan in the late 1960s, back when quality and durability were important.

She's a manual zigzag, meaning that the hook and bobbin travel back and forth following the needle as she zigs and zags.

Strong, fast, and smooth, she sews a tidy stitch, with a perfectly balanced tension.

She's just come off our restoration bench here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine so she's clean, clean, clean, all the way through. We've had her apart and scrubbed the parts in our alcohol bath to remove the sticky residue that bogs down a vintage machine.

The parts that didn't come off were flushed in place with alcohol and then lubricated with our special blend of oils, formulated to creep deep into the joints and movement points.

We've serviced the motor, polished the tension disks, cleaned the bobbin race of impacted lint, polished the needle bar and presser foot bar, and carefully tested each assembly as we restored it to the machine.

Once she stood clean and fully assembled we ran her through her paces to be sure she's running and sewing as she should, free and properly lubricated.

Once you've made the choice to bring her home and make her your sewing companion, we'll do a final test which we'll video for you, and we'll show you how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, and how to use the various controls so you can get right to sewing with her.

Also, we'll guaranty her for life. If you ever have a problem with her, just bring or send her back to us and if it's something we can fix, we'll fix it for free. You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

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