Vintage Toy Signature Sewing Machine

Signature was the brand that Montgomery Wards put on the sewing machines that they sold through their stores and catalog sales. This little cast-metal toy machine is branded Signature, just like mommy's big sewing machine.

If you love vintage sewing machines, you may have heard of us. We usually restore heavy-duty home sewing machines from the last century but we couldn't resist this adorable Signature toy sewing machine.

We just had to put it up on the restoration bench, take it apart, and restore it. It's what we do.

It's been cleaned, adjusted, lubricated, and tested, and it sews just like a toy sewing machine, except instead of batteries, it runs on 110 volt household current. It's a toy, but a high quality toy.

Our detailer did a fine job of bringing the exterior back to it's original beauty. There's a little rust on the hinge and on the latch of the case, but it's still gorgeous.

Sorry, it's SOLD!

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