Belvedere Stitchmatic "Electric" Sewing Machine

What a beautiful machine! Beautifully shaped, wonderful color and embellishments, and looking as well as running, like a new machine.

The Belvedere Stitchmatic is an awesome Japanese-made machine in the Singer Class 15 style.

After WWII the Japanese copied the Singer machine and made it even better than the original. With a more powerful motor, a pop-up Patch-O-Matic type presser foot adjuster, easy drop feed, great color and more, this is just an awesome machine. Above all that it has the Japanese commitment to quality that we've seen in the many other Japanese products that have come to America.

Watch the video we've made of it in action. It's entertaining as well as educational. You'll see how to thread it, wind the bobbin, sew, drop the feed and machine embroider or freehand sew, and more. We want you to be comfortable with this machine when you sit down to it for the first time.

Our awesome video personality, TR Kelley, will take you for a test drive on this beautiful Belvedere Stitchmatic sewing machine.

Sew multiple layers of heavy fabrics and leather as well as medium and lightweight fabrics with this great straight-stitch machine. Do quilting, free-hand sewing and machine embroidery, as well as patching and applique.

This machine comes with our free lifetime guaranty, that if you ever have a problem with it, just bring or send it back to us and if we can fix it, we'll fix it for free. You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

Do watch the video. It's entertaining as well as informative.

Sorry, it's SOLD!