Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine Museum

Beautiful Machines from the Middle of the 20th Century

Here in our virtual museum, you'll find hundreds of lovely examples of some of the great sewing machines of the 20th Century.

Of course most of these machines have long since gone out to happy homes all over the US and beyond so you won't be able to view them in person, and of course as always, we have lots more machines to add to the page as we get time.

The machines are arranged in order of restoration.

Click on the picture to see more views and a little bit of information about each machine.


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Wards Supreme Reversible

White 651
made in Germany
by Gritzner

Kenmore 117.589
Singer 128 - Coming Soon!
Singer 128 Hand Crank

Sears Best
Kenmore 1802
Singer 401A Vintage Sewing Machine
Beautiful Singer 401A
Slant o Matic
Pink Singer 201 Vintage Sewing Machine
Singer 201
in Ballet Slipper Pink
Beautiful Singer 185 Vintage Sewing Machine
Singer 185J
3/4-size Vintage Machine
Brother Class 15 Vintage Sewing Machine
Brother Class 15

De Luxe ZigZag
made in Japan
Mercury De Luxe Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine
Mercury De Luxe
Japanese Class 15
Heavy-Duty Straight-Stitch
Pink Singer 99
Very Pretty
Pink Singer 99
Kenmore 16031 Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine
Kenmore 16031

Precision Sovreign 040

Singer 185k
3/4 Size
Strong and Full-Featured

White 673R
Vintage Japanese Machine
German Singer 401G Vintage sewing Machine
Singer 401G

Montgomery Wards Signature 988
Made in Japan
1.3 Amp Motor

White Model 1514
Ideal Quilter's Piecing Machine
Made in Japan

Montgomery Wards
Straight Stitch
Singer 201 vintage sewing machine
Singer 201

Heavy Duty Kenmore Cabinet

White Sewing Machine
with zigzag and button holes!
Janome New Home Paragon Vintage Sewing Machine
Janome New Home Paragon
Japanese Sewing Machine

Vintage Japanese-made
Beautiful Vintage Bernina 801 Swiss Sewing Machine
Beautiful Vintage Bernina 801
Swiss Sewing Machine
Beautiful Japanese-made Kenmore 158.19141 Vintage Sewing Machine
Sears Best
Kenmore 158.19141
Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine
German-made by Pfaff-Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine
Built by Pfaff!
Burly Kenmore 117.841 Machine
We have more!
Vintage Viking Freya Hand Crank Sewing Machine
Early Viking Hand Crank
Singer 500A Rocketeer Vintage Sewing MachineBeautiful Singer 500 Rocketeer Morse DuoMatic Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine
Morse Duomatic

Beautiful Viking 2000SL
Model 6460
Made in Sweden

Japanese Kenmore Commander
made by Riccar

Donated to OCF Culture Jam
Japanese Elegance, Quality, and Beauty

Beautiful New Home Simplicity

Fast and Powerful
Pfaff 130
made in Germany!

White/Domestic Treadle Sewing Machine
Very Clean and Free-Running

Tiny and Very Portable
Kenmore 10400
Made in Japan

Free Downloadable
books, pictures, ads
brochures, etc!

Prettiest Ever!
Kenmore 540
made in Japan

Emdeko Japanese Sewing Machine
with 1960s Space Age Styling
Brother 651 Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine

Seafoam Green
Brother 651

Sister inspecting sewing machine

Near the end, you will encounter some pages with links that have disappeared over the years as a result of page hosting changes and other mysterious causes.
And we lost another ten years worth of older photos in a tragic computer crash so our museum doesn't show any of those older ones.

Pfaff 130-50010
German Sewing Machine
w/Stitch Pattern Adapter!

Restored Nelco Lyra Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine
Nelco Lyra
Barely Used

Japanese Vogue Stitch
BelAir 1200 Vintage Japanese Sewng Machine
BelAire 1200
Vintage Japanese-Made
and All-Steel!

Beautiful and Strong
Singer 15-91

Space Age
Singer 500

Beautiful Japanese Brother
Singer 306k Vintage Sewing Machine
Singer 306k
Nearly New!

Japanese made Kenmore 13180

Modern Home
made in Japan
Happy Sewing Machine Co. of Japan made for Montgomery Wards
Made for Montgomery Wards
by the Happy Industrial Corporation of Japan
in the 1960s

Elna Super
made in Switzerland

So Awesome!
Singer 15-91
w/black levers and spool pins

1.2 Amp
Japanese Kenmore 148.29

Viking 630
Made in Sweden

Wizard Zigzag

Morse 4100
Made in Japan!

Singer 328K

Happy Industrial Corporation
made for Montgomery Wards
Department Stores
Vintage Slant-O-Matic Singer 401A Sewing Machine
Singer Slant-O-Matic 401A
Lightweight and Strong

Beautiful Kenmore 17520
made in Japan
Restored Kenmore 19141 Vintage Sewing Machine-Sears Best
Kenmore 19141
Beautiful Precision Deluxe Dressmaker Vintage Sewing Machine
Precision Deluxe Dressmaker
Beautiful Pfaff 130 Vintage German Sewing Machine
Gorgeous Pfaff 130!
Lots of Accessories!
Kenmore 52 Vintage sewing Machine
Strong Kenmore Model 52
Made in Japan
Singer 401A Vintage Slant Needle Sewing Machine
A Beautiful
Singer 401A

Singer 66
Treadle Sewing Machine
Human Powered!

Sears Best
Kenmore 19142
Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration
Beautiful Singer Lotus
treadle Sewing Machine

Like New!
Bernina 730 Record
Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration
Viking Automatic
So Very Precision!

Beautiful Morse 4300
Strong and Stylish!

Beautiful Singer 15-125
Upgraded version of
Singer's 15-91

Japanese Singer 223
zigzag with Blind Stitch
Vintage Japanese Atlas Sewing Machine
Amazing Japanese-Made
Atlas Sewing Machine
1.5 Amp Motor!

Beautiful Japanese
Free Westinghouse 803


401A Slant-O-Matic

Singer 185
3/4 Size
Full Power and Features!

Kenmore 158.17550
Made in Japan

Manual Zigzag
Nelco R-400-2
Made in Japan
Singer 404 Slant o Matic Sewing Machine
Singer 404
It's a Straight-Stitch 401A!

Japanese Sewmor
Strong and Pretty

Ford Deluxe
Made in Japan

Brother 1610
Japanese Straight-Stitch

1906 Singer Model 27
Drop it into Your Stand
Replace Your Worn Treadle Machine!

Aradia Detailing Machines

Made in Japan
by Brother

Viking 6690
Made in Sweden
Japanese Universl de luxe Super Zigzag Treadle sewing machine
An Awesome Treadle Machine
with a de luxe Zigzag in it!

Stylish and Strong
Singer 600

Singer 500 Slant-O-Matic
With Nice Extras!

A Fine Elna Supermatic
Made in Switzerland

Japanese Singer 190
Uncommon Excellence!

Singer 500

Kenmore 158.13033
Japanese Excellence

Lightweight and Portable

Brother Class 15
Made in Japan

Singer No. 42 Cabinet

Beautiful Japanese Riccar

German Sewing Machine

Singer 15-125

Potted Motor Descendant of
Singer's Famous 15-91

Made in Japan
for Pfaff

Kenmore 148.210
Singer 401A Sewing Machine
Singer 401A

Singer 301 Short Bed
Fits in Singer Folding 301 Table
Singer 201 Sewing Machine

Stitchmatic Electric
Made in Japan

Singer 301 Long Bed
Won't fit in Singer folding 301 Table

Powerful, Japanese-Made
Janome New Home

Awesome Japanese
Kenmore 158.904
One of my personal favorites!

made in Japan by Brother

White 764

Class 15 Straight-Stitch

Singer 66
Human Powered!
Beautiful Sterling Class 15 Sewing Machine
Japanese Class 15
Sew Some Thick Stuff!

Japanese Fleetwood
What a Beauty!

New Home Type H
Friction Drive

Imperial Sewing Machine
Not Just a Pretty Machine!

Janome New Home
Double Duty

Viking Husqvarna 6570
Made in Sweden


Viking Husqvarna 6030

Necchi Supernova

Kenmore 17511
What a pretty machine!

Awesome kenmore 19410
w/Stretch Stitches!

Singer 401A
One of Singer's Best

Small and Portable
Kenmore 10301

Good Housekeeper

Italian Necchi
Sewing Machine Cabinet

Montgomery Wards
Straight Stitch
Lots of Power

Necchi BF
In Display Type Case

Never Sewn On!
1960s White Model 65
Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet Model #65
Singer Cabinet
No. 65
Good Looking Blonde!

Singer 15-91
Strong and Fast

One of the best Kenmores, ever!
Kenmore 158.16021

Morse Super Dial

Bernina Sport
Swiss Quality
Awesome Cabinet

Bernina 830 Record
Top Quality

Nelco A-1

Singer 329k
A Good, Solid Singer

Morse Fotomatic
Manual Zigzag

Japanese Sewmor
Class 15 Type

Obsessively Focused and Scrupulously Attentive Detailer

Alden Zigzag
Smooth, Precision Action
Plenty of Power

Really nice!
Blonde Wood Cabinet

Beautiful Swedish Sewing Machine
Husqvarna 2000
Model 6030

Aluminum and Steel
Touch n Sew
Model 603

TR-Quality Assurance, Technician,
Seamstress, Video Personality,
and Zenith-Quintesential Kitty

Necchi Supernova Ultra

Janome New Home De Luxe
Fine Japanese Machine

One of Japan's Finest
The General

Extra Strong
Premier Sewing Machine
Made in Japan

BeautifulSinger 201 Centennial
Fast and Powerful

Very Powerful

Stunningly Beautiful!
Singer 301 Short Bed
Barely Used!

Man, I forgot what a cool machine this one is
White Manual Zigzag

Heavy-Duty Kenmore Cabinet

Husqvarna 3220
Precision-Made in Sweden

Singer 301 set
With Case and Table

Classic Singer 66
Strong and Smooth

Japanese Singer 223
Like New!

Japanese Kenmore
Stretch Stitches

Singer 301

Singer 15K
Bolts of Electricity design

Singer 401A
One of Singer's Best Ever
mid-century aluminum-bodied Slant-O-Matic

Singer 99
In 3/4 Size Cabinet!

Beautiful Two-Tone
Kenmore Model 158.352

Singer 401A
One of Singer's Best!

Rushby Hand Crank
Made in England
image of a Brother Flairmatic Sewing Machine
Brother 190 Flairmatic

Japanese-Made Kenmore 521
(coming soon!)
This will be a nice one!

Elna Special
Precision-Made in
Featherweight Folding Table
Sturdy! Portable!

Singer 301 Cabinet

Janome New Home
Double Duty
A powerful Japanese-made
sewing machine
picture of a two-tone Bel Air sewing machine
Bel Air Precision De Luxe
A Very Cool Two-Tone Machine

Singer 99 Hand Crank
ultra cute!
Picture of a beautiful Janome New Home Commander sewing machine
Janome New Home Commander Stretch Stitches, More Stitch Patterns!
Photo of a New Home sewing machine, made by Janome
Janome New Home
Like New!

Precision Sewing Machine
So Pretty!

New Home Tabletop
What a Machine!

Powerful Singer 201

Beautiful Singer 503 Rocketeer

Singer 328K
All-Steel Drive

Remington De Luxe
Automatic Zigzag
Super Smooth, Fast, and Powerful!

Pfaff-Built Kenmore
Like a Diesel Locomotive!

Steel-Geared Singer 15-91
One of the Best, Ever!

Gorgeous Morse Fotomatic IV

Singer 401A Slant-O-Matic
Like-New Condition!

Singer Model 66
Almost a New Machine!

Kenmore 158.480
One of the Prettiest Kenmores, Ever!

Minnesota A

Lightweight Kenmore 158.10301

Kenmore 1207

Charger, by Brother
*good mechanical shape
*lots of chips/bad touch-up job
perty durn good price, though!

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