Singer Model 66 Lotus

Made in 1906, this gorgeous Singer model 66 is decorated in the Lotus pattern, one of Singer's prettiest ever designs.

When we restored her, we considered repainting her because of the slight wear to her colored designs and lots of little dings on the bed of the machine. However, though replacement decals are pretty, no one has yet really captured the vintage colors and fine detail of the original designs.

I decided to just stabilize and protect her original finish and to preserve the touch of grandma's hands on her beloved machine as she sewed.

Some sweet grandma, when she was young, may have sewn her wedding dress on this machine, or sewed a suit for her husband, for that important interview. She may have sewn all of her family's clothes and quilts.

So, while all her parts were off being cleaned and polished, we clear-coated her original paint, so it's safe from air, moisture, and touch.

Then we carefully restored her parts; the needle bar, the presser bar, and all their linkages, all the shafts and linkages underneath, the hook and bobbin race, the parts for her bobbin winder, and tension assembly and more, to the machine with loving care.

You see, we don't just do this to make money, though it provides us a living. We do this because we love these vintage beauties. We won't do just a cosmetic repair. We make her sew like a young machine again.

So bring this sweet, sweet machine home to your sewing room. We'll include a very vintage buttonholer, and a generous set of sewing feet and attachments.

And you'll be pleased to know that this is one of the earliest machines to use a round bobbin and standard needles, so no bullet-shaped shuttle to learn to thread, or non-standard needles to source.

In 1906 there were no sewing machine motors, so she has no boss to attach a motor or hand crank to. Drop her into your treadle stand or pick one up from Craislist or FB Marketplace in your area, because fragile cast iron treadle stands do not ship well.

She comes without case, base, or table, and she's ready to sew as soon as she's situated.

Make her yours today and bring something beautiful into your home. We'll pay the shipping.

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