Beautiful SewMor 900 Vintage Sewing Machine

The Japanese-made sewing machines from the middle of the last Century were some of the finest machines ever made. Innovative design, new colors and styling, and the Japanese commitment to quality make these fine machines easily the equal of the European machines of the same era.

This SewMor 900 is fresh off our restoration bench, where we had her apart and scrubbed her parts in our alcohol bath to remove the decades of sticky, dried-on oil that bogs down a vintage sewing machine. After polishing, inspecting, and reassembling, she stands clean all the way through and her shiny clean parts are slipping, sliding, and whirling on a thin film of clean oil.

She's a zigzag and straight-stitch machine, with plenty of power from her 1.5 Amp motor. She'll power through multiple layers of denim, canvas, and even garment leather, and she'll sew little dresses and quilts just as well.

She comes with her foot control and cords, spare bobbins, straight stitch and embroidery plates, and a slew of useful sewing feet and accessories, as well as a .pdf user manual that you can view onscreen at whatever size suits your eyesight, and/or print it out for a paper copy to keep with your machine.

This is a machine that sold for $350 in the 1960s, roughly the equivalent of the cost of a bedroom set (a Sealy box springs and mattress set sold new for $79.00), and you simply cannot buy a new machine this good today, at any price.

Make her yours and bring this gorgeous, high quality sewing machine home to your sewing room, today.

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