Vintage Japanese Sew-Rite Sewing Machine

This gorgeous class 15, straight-stitch machine is sometimes called a "clone" because she's patterned after Singers famous class 15 machines (15-88, 15-91), with some marvelous improvements.

The Japanese took an already great machine and added a stronger motor, a bed-top-mounted feed drop control, a one-touch sewing foot pressure adjuster, better paint, and more.

She's a powerful machine, capable of sewing multiple layers of heavy material and garment leather, and fast, if you want it fast. Or you can sew at whatever sedate speed fits your temperament and the task that you are performing.

She uses universal needles and common class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world, and available everywhere. As mentioned above, the feed drops for darning, quilting, machine embroidery, and free-hand sewing.

Linda was your restoration tech for this beautiful Japanese sewing machine. She's been our detailer for the past four years and we've, since, discovered that she's a talented mechanic.

She's been learning to restore vintage sewing machines under the watchful eye of master sewing machine restorer, Mike Kraemer, and she's doing it from the inside-out. She takes the various systems apart and scrubs them in the alcohol bath, polishes them, and then carefully restores them to the machine, testing each system as she goes. It's become evident that she's a natural mechanic.

Because we believe in these awesome built-to-last machines and in the work we do, we offer you this free lifetime service guaranty: If you ever have a problem with this machine just bring or send her back to us and if it's something we can fix, we'll fix it for free. You can read the details of our guaranty here. It's short and in plain English.

Sorry, it's SOLD!

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