Restored Singer 99 Vintage Hand Crank Sewing Machine

Does motor noise bother you? Do you want to sew off-grid but don't have room for a treadle stand?

This sweet little Singer 99 sewing machine may be just what you're looking for.

You may wonder if she's strong enough to really sew. Is she a toy?

This is a real, working, heavy-duty sewing machine, identical to her big sister, the full-size Singer 66
(you may know that one as the Red Eye, the Sphinx, the Lotus, or by a different decorative design)
in every way except for the size.
This one will sew multiple layers of heavy material and even garment leather with ease. In fact, my friend sewed an entire tipi on her hand-crank Singer 99, and during testing, we sewed along the heavy seam on an old pair of Levis on this Singer 99 with no extra effort required.

She turns easily (almost one-finger operation)and sews quietly, with a nice, straight stitch pattern. This is the old style, with a stitch-length knob rather than a lever, and she was made before they figured out the reverse stitch so you'll turn your fabric to back-tack.

This Singer 99 was converted to hand-crank operation at the request of a customer who lost interest after we'd already gathered the required parts. We proceeded with the conversion just because the Singer 99 makes such an excellent hand-crank machine.

The 99 was originally made to be treadle, hand-crank, or later, motorized. This one came to us with a motor and it's case is just a little shorter than the one for a hand crank. We made this short video years ago to demonstrate how easy it is to remove the hand crank for storage. There's just one screw involved.

The hand crank is not an original Singer crank, so if you're looking for a "show" machine this one may not be the one you're looking for. If you want to sew on an awesome hand crank sewing machine, she may be just the one.

Sorry, she's SOLD!

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