Singer Model 66 Red Eye Sewing Machine, with hand crank.

I think that the Singer 66 is the epitome of vintage sewing machines, with that distinctive form and black finish. It's one of Singer's most successful machines, offered with several different decorative patterns, including this one, the Red Eye design.

This is a machine that functions equally well in a treadle stand, with an electric motor, or like this one, as a hand-cranked machine.

You may wonder if a hand crank machine could possibly be as strong as a motorized machine. It happens that your arm strength is more than a match for a motor. You'll power through multiple layers of heavy material and even garment leather, with ease. Really, there's no forcing the handle to turn, you can turn it with one finger.

This is a straight stitch machine, and straight-stitch machines made all of the garments up until Singer brought out the zigzag model 206 in 1936. There aren't many things that can't be sewn on a straight stitch machine.

With the included attachment set you'll have a whole tool box of useful sewing feet for every operation, and the on-screen user manual shows you how to use each one.

If you don't want another electrified gadget in your living space you'll appreciate the quiet whir as you sew. No electrical field, no motor hum, just peaceful sewing.

This sweet Singer sewing machine has just come off our restoration bench so she's clean, clean, clean, inside and out, and she's running and sewing like a new machine.

Sorry to say that she's SOLD!

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