Beautiful Singer 66


For over 100 years, one of Singer's most popular models was and is the Model 66, a steel-drive, heavy-duty machine, great for quilting, general sewing, and also for denim, canvas, and other heavy materials. It's a well balanced sewing machine, who's smooth action makes it ideal for treadle and hand-crank operation, as well as electric motor driven sewing.


It's seen very little use, and been very well cared for. Even though it was clean and new looking, it's been opened up at every access and carefully cleaned and lubricated, and then lovingly detailed to bring out it's best appearance.

click here to see and hear this machine sew

This is a beautiful machine. The decals are pretty much perfect, and although there are a couple of small chips on the bed, behind the center emblem, which you can see in the photos, and a few of the normal pin scratches, it looks like a new machine.

This machine is set up in a case for table-top sewing, but it can be shipped to you in any one of three configurations. By your choice, this machine can arrive:

  • ready to sew on your kitchen table
  • ready to replace the electric machine in your home cabinet
  • or ready to replace the old, worn machine in your treadle stand.

Unless you specify otherwise, it will come to you in the table-top case.

To see if it will fit your cabinet or treadle stand, you'll want to measure the size of the bed of your existing machine and the distance between the mounting holes where it slides onto the mounting pins. If it measures 14 5/8" x 7" and the pin mounting holes are 9 3/4" apart, this machine will fit.
(note: The opening in your cabinet may be a little longer, to allow the machine to fold down for storage)

Included with this fine sewing machine are:

  • the foot control and cords
  • the original manual
  • four bobbins
  • large Singer screwdriver
  • small Singer screwdriver
  • full vintage pack of Singer sewing machine needles
  • a mostly full pack of tailor's chalk
  • ruffler
  • multi-slotted binder
  • hemmer foot
  • regular straight stitch foot
  • adjustable hemmer
  • edge stitcher
  • gathering/shirring foot