Singer 66 Lotus with vintage improvements

Singer 66 Lotus Sewing Machine
with vintage bells and whistles

This beautiful Singer 66 was made in 1926 probably as a treadle machine. She would have come with a screw-type stitch length adjustment and no reverse. The sewing foot pressure adjuster would have been a screw-type, as well, and releasing the foot pressure to darn or mend would have required lots of twisting.

Luckily for the intrepid owner, she saw an advertisement in a magazine that offered Improvements! Most likely, her local repair man or handyman did the work, but she added an electric motor and light, and a Patch-o-Matic type sewing foot pressure adjuster that releases with a touch, and can be instantly re-engaged and adjusted.

Most amazing, and the first one I've seen in person, she replaced the screw-type stitch length adjuster with a clever lever that not only made choosing her stitch length easy, but it also added a Reverse Stitch! Inconceivable! Unheard of in it's time!

Thoroughly Modernized when your grandma was young, this gorgeous Singer is ready to become a coveted piece of your collection. This is not one that you'll see every day.

Of course, fresh off our restoration bench, she runs and sews great so she can be your sewing buddy, too.

She has a few light scratches on the bed but otherwise she's near perfect.

Make this Sweetie yours, for the rest of your life.

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