Beautiful Singer 503 Rocketeer Sewing Machine

The Singer 503 Sewing Machine is one of Singer's Best. It's a light-weight, yet powerful, aluminum bodied machine, in the Slant-O-Matic style, with an internal motor and worm gear drive. Many industrial tools use a worm drive, for the power it makes available at the working end.

You simply can't buy a new sewing machine this good. Seriously.

This is an ideal machine for quilting, baby items, dresses, crafts, or just about any home sewing you want to do.

This is virtually the same machine as the famous Singer 500A, other than that it doesn't have built-in stitch patterns. It comes with an assortment of stitch pattern cams that press into the top of the machine. A wide variety of additional patterns are available on eBay for a very small consideration.

Another great feature is the slant-o-matic design, which gives unparalleled visibility of your work in progress. The Singer 503 is also renound for the sewing light placement, it puts the light just where you want it.

This machine has just been serviced, cleaned, lubricated with high quality sewing machine oil and the right grease, adjusted, and extensively tested. It's working great!

After mechanical restoration, it was then lovingly detailed, so it's looking great, as well.

This fine Singer sewing machine comes with:

all in a vintage accessory box.

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