Singer 404 Straight-Stitch, Slant Needle

vintage sewing machine

This fine straight-stitch Singer 404 is the little sister to the famous Singer 401A, with the same steel workings encased in lightweight aluminum, the same slant needle, the same steel gear drive, the same smooth full-rotary hook, and the same internal motor.

She's just come off the bench at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine where, rather than a full restoration, we opted to give her a thorough servicing which included flushing her movement points to remove the old, sticky oil.

We inspected, flushed, tested, adjusted, lubricated, and tested some more, until now she's running and sewing perfectly.

She comes with her cords and foot control, spare bobbins, and an onscreen user manual.

Bring this sweet Singer slant-o-matic home to your sewing room, today.

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