Singer 401A Sewing Machine

You may already know about the Singer 401A sewing machine, maybe your mom or grandma had one. If not, here's why they are so popular and sought after.

This is a lightweight yet heavy-duty machine. It's an all-steel machine housed in an aluminum body. It has steel-gear driven transmission to the hook and bobbin and the whole system is powered by an internal motor with a worm-gear drive for extra power.

It's a straight-stitch and zigzag machine that has an internal pattern cam stack that has lots of possible stitch configurations and also takes drop-in stitch pattern cams for lots of extras stitch pattern options.

It's a strong precision machine capable of sewing 8-layers of heavy denim or canvas, or sewing lightweight material like lingerie. It will, of course, also sew medium weight dress and shirt material, as well as garment leather.

Singer 401A Sewing Machine

It uses standard needles and standard class 66 bobbins that are available anywhere sewing supplies are sold, and pattern cams are routinely available on eBay, and on the many singer parts sites. It will come with a user manual in .pdf format, that you can read on your computer screen or print out, and it will also include a professional button holer set.

The machine has just come off our restoration bench and it's running and sewing great. It's a very attractive machine and makes a really nice stitch. It was built to last a lifetime and it will sew for you for many years to come, (in fact you'll probably pass it down to your children and grand children).

Singer 401A Sewing Machine

We've listed this machine for less, (our normal price for a Singer 401A is $375.00), because it's got a scrape in the paint on the stitch selector knob and it's got some chips on the bed that we've sanded and dabbed with touch up paint, to protect the metal. If you're looking for a really good machine that will fulfill all your sewing needs, but you don't mind a few paint flaws, here's an opportunity to save a little money.

Singer 401A Sewing Machine

Because we believe in these beautiful, built to last machines, and in the work we do, we offer this free Lifetime Guaranty, that if you ever have a problem with it and if it's something that we can fix, we'll fix it for free. You, of course will pay for any parts.

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