Singer 328K

Here's a good, solid, steel-geared sewing machine, a zigzag machine with drop in pattern cams for lots of different stitch patterns.

This is a machine that you'll be able to use for dressmaking, quilting, baby items, and for heavy-duty sewing, as well. You can sew denim, upholstery, garment leather, strapping, and more on this powerful home sewing machine.

Look closely at the photos and take note of the drive parts inside. You won't see any plastic gears in this one. This machine was made before the Singer name was sold, overseas, and the quality plummeted.

At the top, you'll see one of the stitch-pattern cams, below the chrome cap that secures it in place. As the cam turns, a follower rides on the outside bumps, moving the needle bar back and forth to form the various stitch patterns. The machine comes with nine patten cams, for a wide variety of choices, and other patterns are available.

It also comes with a full set of attachments, including the original owner manual. Watch the demo video, below, to see and hear it sew, and to see all of the attachments offered with it.

You'll also notice that this machine is not as cosmetically perfect as most of our restored machines. Although it won't affect the machine's performance, it will affect the price. You'll get a powerful, all-steel machine, one that will last you a life-time, for a very reasonable price.

"But", you may say, "how does this affect the guarantee on this machine?" The same Lifetime Guarantee applies to this machine as it does to all the machines we sell. We believe in these machines and we have confidence in the work we do. Click the link below to visit our website and read our guarantee.

Here's a demo video we've made, so you can see and hear it sew.