Singer 319W

Certainly one of Singer's prettiest machines, this fine zigzag and straight-stitch machine has just come off our restoration bench, today, so she's clean inside and out.

Of course, we had her mostly apart and scrubbed her parts in our alcohol bath, and we handled, inspected, and polished each part before restoring it to the machine. The parts that remained on the machine were flushed and lubricated in place so that, now, they spin, slip, rotate, and slide against each other on a thin film of clean oil, like they did when she was new.

One of the relatively few vintage sewing machines to feature a full rotary hook, she's as smooth and fast as a 201, with the bonus of zigzag and fancy stitches.

Included with her are her original manual, spare needles, spare bobbins, a set of six additional stitch pattern cams, a generous attachment set, zigzag, straight-stitch, and darning needle plates, a double needle, as well as the bobbin case, foot control, and cords. And, should you need them, both needles and bobbins are readily available online.

As a bonus, we'll make you a video of how to thread the machine, how to wind the bobbins, and how to operate all of the controls, plus you'll see and hear her sew, so you can feel confident sitting down with her to begin sewing.

Sorry to say, This one has SOLD!

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