Vintage Singer Treadle-Zigzag 306k Sewing Machine

Do you Treadle? Here's an awesome machine from Singer, something unusual and very cool, that's ready to drop into your treadle stand.

Fresh off our restoration bench, she's clean and shiny, all the way through, and what awesome colors! Her Coffee and Dark Chocolate finish is delicious.

The Singer 306k is a zigzag and straight-stitch machine with plenty of power, driven by a lug-belt similar to that on heavy-duty machines like some of the Pfaffs, Adlers, and more, yet she's easy to treadle, and she's double-needle capable for beautiful decorative top-stitching.

If you're familiar with the Singer 401A you'll recognize some of her features, but she's no slant-needle machine. She uses standard low-shank feet, like the Singer 201 and the featherweight. Her bobbins and her 206x13 needles are available all over the internet and from your local sewing store, as are scads of various low shank attachments and accessories.

She comes with a nice set of attachments, spare bobbins, a new leather treadle belt (save the staple from the old belt), double needle, and more. If you read Dutch, you're in luck! Her user manual is printed in Dutch, with clear pictures that make it easy for non-Dutch readers to follow.

This machine is absolutely gorgeous. She'll be the gem of your sewing room.

Sorry to say, This one has SOLD!

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