Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine and Folding Card Table

Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine in Folding Card Table

The Singer 301 is often referred to as the daughter of the Singer 221 Featherweight because it combines some of the best traits of the Featherweight with the awesomeness of the Slant-O-Matics. It's a lightweight machine in an aluminum body with all-steel components inside. It features the Featherweight fold-up sewing bed, hook and bobbin, and portability, plus a gear-drive, internal motor, slant needle, integral sewing light, and a not-black, two-tone color scheme which was a significant departure from the earlier Singers, all in a full-size and stronger machine.

Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine and Folding Card Table

Best of all, this Singer 301 comes in the hard-to-find folding card table, similar to the Featherweight folding table, but sturdier and accented with 301 colors. This table was specifically made to fit the Singer 301 short-bed with a larger cutout and insert. If space or portability is important to you, this lightweight machine and folding table may be just what you need.

With the insert in place, the table becomes a craft table, a game table, or just a useful horizontal surface. Throw a tablecloth over it and it's a dinner table for four. The insert, by the way, that came with this table is not the original one to this table and is a slightly darker shade, though it fits perfectly. The table is sturdy and in good condition, but is not refinished so if you opt to refinish it, you can easily make the shades of table and insert match.

Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine and Folding Card Table

Not only that, but this fine restored Singer comes with spare bobbins, vintage Singer needles, large and small Singer screwdrivers, and a nice attachment set in it's original Singer 301, green box. Also included is an original Singer zigzagger that turns this straight-stitch machine into a machine with zigzag capability, and it comes with four stitch pattern cams for even more versatility. It also comes with a sweet, quilted sewing machine cozy to keep the dust off, skilfully sewn by the original owner.

Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine and Folding Card Table

We mentioned that this beautiful machine been restored, and that means that we took it mostly apart and cleaned it from the inside out,

and then detailed it so it's clean, clean, clean, through and through. We did not repaint this machine,

so you will find small scratches and chips, and a chip on the back of the sewing bed that we opted not to touch up.

It's still a gorgeous machine.

Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine and Folding Card Table

You've heard it said that, "they don't make them like they used to", and that's because they really can't. The bottom line mandates that profit is far more important than quality, so most modern machines are pretty much disposables, to be used for a year or two and then replaced with another cheap disposable.

Singer 301 Vintage Short-Bed Sewing Machine and Folding Card Table

We don't feel that way.

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, we are passionate about what we love doing, which is restoring beautiful vintage sewing machines to the best that they can be, and over the decades we've restored, literally, hundreds of worthy sewing machines, and shipped them all over the country and beyond. Why? Because we are in love with the styling, the quality of the materials, the workmanship that went into these great machines, which just can't be duplicated today.

You, seriously, cannot buy a home sewing machine this good, new, at any price.

So we search out the best of these fine machines, the ones that are very lightly used, and open them up.

We disassemble the tension, the motor, the bobbin case, take off the face plate, the gear cases, the hand-wheel, the slide plate, the bottom plate, and the back access plate and get down to where the old dried-on oil and grease are.

We clean out the packed-in lint and dust, remove the thread-jams, inspect the hook and the needle plate, and generally look for potential problems.

We take out the needle bar and all it's linkages and the presser foot bar and all it's parts and put them into the alcohol bath to remove the years of sticky oil buildup that bogs down a vintage machine and robs it of speed and power.

We take out as much of the stitch pattern forming mechanisms as needed to get deep into each machine to free it up and then lubricate each moving part. The main shafts, bearings, and other parts get cleaned in place to make each machine run as free and light as a new machine.

We use high-quality lubricants in all the right places, getting into those spots that aren't as obvious to the average user, and clean out the old hardened grease from the gear cases, then we test the machines to make sure that they are sewing at their best.

After all of this, each machine is carefully detailed, to bring out it's original beauty. These are some of the finest examples of mid-century styling that you'll find, and we want each machine to be the very best that it can be.

We don't try to hide the scratches or chips that have been honestly earned in service to their craft, and rarely re-paint because we prefer the original paint in most cases. We like the wabi-sabi beauty of a working sewing machine. And if the stickers from the various repair shops they've seen aren't too damaged we leave those, too, so you can see were your new machine has been in it's lifetime.

Finally, because we believe in these wonderful, built-to-last machines and in the work we do, we offer this free Lifetime Guaranty:

If you ever have a problem with one of our restored vintage machines, just bring or send it back to us and if we can fix it, we'll do so for free. You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

Sorry, this beautiful Singer has SOLD!