Singer 301 Short-Bed Sewing Machine

There are few sewing machines as pretty as a two-tone Singer 301, and few machines that sew such a clean straight stitch.

This lightweight, very portable Singer sewing machine is an all-steel machine in a light aluminum body. Its the sister to the famous Singer featherweight and shares some of the very same mechanisms as well as bobbin case and bobbins.

She's a fine machine for quilting.

Although she was in good condition when she came to us, we took her apart, to scrub her shafts and parts in our alcohol bath and then polished them before restoring them to the machine. This process removes the buildup of sticky residue that collects on the parts and in their movement points as each oiling evaporates.

When her parts were clean and shiny again, and able to slip, rotate, spin, and slide like they used to, we tested each assembly as it was completed and when she stood clean and fresh all the way through, we tested, adjusted, and tested again until now she's running and sewing perfectly.

She comes in her original trapezoidal carry-case and includes an accessory set in the original Singer box, bobbin case, foot control and cords, the original user manual (missing the front cover and slightly tattered, but otherwise complete), and a half dozen bobbins.

This fine Singer Slant o Matic uses regular needles, available everywhere, and you'll find scads of other accessories available for her online.

Sorry to say that she's SOLD!

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