Wonderful Singer 301 Short Bed Vintage Sewing Machine

Do you love the Singer 301? It's not surprising.

Singer's 301 is beloved by seamstress and sewists the world over. She's a steel sewing machine patterned after and employing many of the parts used on the famous Singer 221 Featherweight. Same hook and bobbin case, same fold-up sewing bed, same needle bar linkage and presser bar linkage, except that she's a full-size machine, lighter in carrying weight than all of the iron-bodied machines of her time.

She's full-size and she sews the same clean, true straight-stitch as her sister machine. And like the Featherweight, she's packed into a lightweight aluminum body which is why she's such a portable machine.

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, we love her, too, and restoring a sweet machine like this warms our souls. We've disassembled her with care and scrubbed her many parts in our alcohol bath, inspecting them for damage or excessive wear, before polishing and carefully restoring each system as it was when she was new.

We've adjusted her and tested, and then adjusted again to be sure she's sewing like she did when she came out of her Singer Store, so many years ago. She's a machine that will be with you for the rest of your life.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of sewing with a Singer 301, here's what to expect. She's a straight-stitch machine with beautiful styling and easy to understand controls. Her Slant o Matic design means that the needle and presser foot meet at the front of the machine rather than in the center so your project is right out in front of you for a better view of your seam.

You can drop her feed dogs for machine quilting and freehand sewing, and you can back off her sewing foot pressure as much as you want, or add a little more for heavier material. And when you pack her up in her cool trapezoidal-shaped carry case, her sewing bed folds up so she takes up minimal space.

Is it possible to find a machine this fine, new? Does your local Big Box store have a precision, steel sewing machine, built to last for your entire lifetime? Will your Sweetie buy you a rickety, plastic sewing machine this Christmas? You should have a talk.

Do you have a daughter or grand daughter? Wouldn't this make a lovely gift for someone you love? Boys like to sew, too.

Sorry, it's SOLD!

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