Oh, So Desireable Singer 301 Vintage Sewing Machine

What can be better than a gorgeous Singer 301, sister to the famous featherweight 221? Well, I guess it would be a gorgeous Singer 301 that's been fully restored.

This wonderful machine has just come off our restoration bench, here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, and she's running and sewing like she were new again. And when she runs, she purrs.

We've been deep inside her to make her clean and fresh again. Most of her systems have been disassembled, scrubbed in our alcohol bath, polished, and then reassembled carefully, inspecting and testing as we complete each system. She's been tested, adjusted, and tested again, so her stitch is straight and true, and her tensions are perfectly balanced.

If you haven't been introduced to Singer's 301, she's a steel machine packed into a lightweight aluminum body and she comes in a trapezoidal, grass-cloth carry case so she can go with you to the quilting group, into the travel rig, or with you to mom's, daughter's, or that good friend's house for some happy sewing together.

She uses universal needles and the same bobbins as the featherweight, available all over the internet, as are attachments of all sorts. This machine is a Slant o Matic so your project is right out in front of you instead of under the machine, for great visibility, and she has a fold-up sewing bed extension so there's lots of sewing surface, yet she packs away in a compact case.

The case is strong and sturdy and though it has some water darkening around the handle, it's quite attractive. Inside it has a bracket that holds the included foot control and cords, and space to add a box of attachments. The user manual will come in a .pdf format which you'll be able to view onscreen at whatever size suits your eyesight, and you can print it out if you like so you have a paper copy to keep in the case.

Sorry, it's SOLD!

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