Singer 223

This beautiful Singer manual zigzag sewing machine which also features a blind stitch setting, is in nearly-new condition. It was purchased, perhaps as a gift or for a single project, used very lightly, and then stored for decades, preserving it in the almost new state that it was in at the time. What you will be purchasing is a vintage, all-steel sewing machine that looks and sews like a brand-new machine.

When you watch the demonstration video that we've made of this fine machine, you'll see it sew through 8-layers of heavy Carhart denim and you'll also see it sew through 2-layers of split leather. As has already been mentioned this is an all-steel driven machine, and the hook is steel-gear-driven for full power transmition to the hook. This is a powerful, precision machine, ready to take on your projects, whether they are big or small.

As with all the machines we restore, this fine Singer machine comes with a free Lifetime Guarantee, that if you ever have a problem with it, just send or bring it back to us and if we can, we'll fix it for free. You, of course, will pay any shipping or parts.