Beige Singer Featherweight 221J

This sweet little Singer featherweight was made in Quebec, Canada, in 1961. Outside of a few tiny nicks, her beautiful finish is in excellent condition, all original, and all of her parts are original to this machine. We did replace the belt, the needle, and the light bulb, all of the consumer items that age and wear.

She's the very desirable 221J, beige or brown featherweight, a little harder to find and one of Singer's highest quality machines.

She came to us in nearly new, almost un-used condition and from there we disassembled her and scrubbed her working parts in our alcohol bath to remove the dried-on oil and dust that are an inevitable part of a machine that's sat unused for decades. Sewing machine oil does evaporate which is why your user manual suggests that you oil your machine regularly, and that sticky oil residue can slow down your machine or even stop it altogether.

Here you can watch the video we made of her final test

TR Kelley, 40 years a seamstress, takes her for a test drive in which she shows you how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, and how to sew in forward and reverse. It's short and entertaining.

If you'd care to see the video we made of the restoration, it begins here

It's 2 1/2 hours long and spans 5 episodes, so you'll probably want to skim through, unless you'd like to learn to restore your own featherweights.

Now she's running and sewing perfectly, and she's clean, clean, clean, inside and out. She comes with her own set of attachments and a sturdy carry case which is in as good a condition as she is. We'll include a user manual that you can view onscreen at whatever size suits your eyesight, and/or print it out to have a copy with the machine.

It's not often that a machine in this excellent condition comes along, so make this sweetest of vintage sewing machines yours, now.

Sorry to Say that this beautiful machine is