German-Built Singer 215g

vintage sewing machine

This beautiful 2-tone tan and chocolate Singer was built in Germany, not too long after WWII, and the quality of the workmanship and materials is evident.

She's a heavy-duty, straight-stitch machine loosely based on the Singer class 15 machines but with some wonderful additions, like the bed-mounted feed drop and the tension assembly on the user-facing side. She'll sew regular, lightweight, and heavy materials, even denim, canvas, and garment leather, and sweet baby clothes, too.

She uses regular needles and standard class 15 bobbins, both available everywhere. Her low-shank presser feet means that you'll find accessories, sewing feet, and attachments all over the internet and in your favorite sewing store.

This machine is basic, without bells and whistles. She's simple to operate so whether your an experience seamstress or you haven't sewn since you were seven years old, she'll be easy to understand and work with. Her onscreen user manual is in German (which is fortunate if you speak and understand German), with clear illustrative pictures that will show you how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, and where the oiling points are.

Her base is solid oak and it slides easily into the straw-cloth (grass-cloth) travelling case.

If you'd like a machines that's strong, attractive, and unique, too, this German Singer may just be for you. Bring her home to your sewing room.

As you can see the base has been finished since the earlier pictures were taken and the correct colors of the machine are the ones in the first and last photos.

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