Singer 201

serial #AG681230

Constructed with a direct-drive motor and all-steel gear-drive, the Singer 201 is one of the very finest home sewing machines ever made. If you're planning to sew canvas, garment leather, duck, or upholstery fabric, this machine has the strength to meet your needs.

Extra room under the presser foot and a generous harp area mean that you'll have lots of room for your big and bulky projects. Plenty of punching power at the needle will let you sew material that you might hesitate to sew on a lesser machine.

It's not just for heavy materials, though. Sew baby clothes, quilts, doll clothes, teddy bears, even lingere. This is a fine precision sewing machine that will sew a very fine and tidy seam, and with infinite speed control you can crawl through close curves and blaze through the long seams.

This machine has been very lightly used and has almost no signs of wear. As sometimes happens to these vintage machines, the clear shellac finish had peeled a little in some spots. After stabilizing the clear finish, I coated the machine with a polymer finish to protect it and restore the shine. The gold decals are perfect.

The machine has been opened up and fully serviced, which includes inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and testing. It was then carefully cleaned and detailed to return it to the beautiful condition you see now.

When you watch the demonstration video, below, pay attention to how smooth and quiet it is, and how it flows so easily from slow to fast and back again.