Singer 201 Vintage Sewing Machine

The Singer 201 with it's full-rotary hook and built-in, gear-drive motor has been called, "The Best Sewing Machine Ever Made", and I can see their point. Fresh off the restoration bench, the 201 is fast and strong, and as smooth as butter.

Of course there are many fine, precision sewing machines that are a pleasure to sew on but sewing with a Singer 201 is an experience. It's effortless, calm, and quietly relaxing. If you are used to sewing on a clackety machine, you'll find that this one purrs.

She's a straight-stitch machine with a dropping feed, and she's clean all the way through. We've had her apart on our restoration bench and scrubbed her parts in alcohol to remove the sticky residue of dried-on oil and dirt, before polishing and restoring them to the machine, so they slip, spin, slide, and whirl on a thin film of clean oil, as they did when she was new.

We've included some very nice extras with this machine, like a buttonholer in a green Jetson case, and an automatic zigzagger that allows you to make zigzag and fancy stitches with your 201, an original Singer 201-2 user manual, a set of sewing feet in their original Singer box, and a few other goodies.

Make this sweet machine yours today, and we'll make a how-to video just for you that shows you how to wind the bobbin, how to thread the machine, and how to adjust the tension, the stitch length, and the sewing foot pressure, and we'll show you on your own sewing machine!

Plus, we'll pay the shipping to you if you live in the lower 48 states of the US, which saves you up to $100 or even more, which you can apply to the purchase of the best sewing machine that you'll ever own.

Sorry to say, This one has SOLD!

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