Singer 201 Vintage Sewing Machine

Built in early September of 1952, this super-awesome machine was made to last a lifetime. She's been fully restored by Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing machine. We've been doing this since the earliest days of eBay and we've restored well over a thousand worthy machines.

She's a straight-stitcher with dropping feed dogs, and she uses universal needles and standard class 66 bobbins which drop in from the top. No bobbin case to mess with.

Her motor gears directly into the machine with a worm-gear drive like my industrial saw, and power is transferred within by steel gears, meaning no belts.

She'll take up to a size 20 needle so you can punch through some thick layers, and she has the power to do it. Don't expect to sew holsters or harness leather, but she'll easily sew garment leather, denim, canvas, Sunbrella, and little dresses, too.

This is a precision machine, fast and smooth. The full-rotary hook doesn't waste any effort going back and forth like an oscillating hook so she's quieter, and stronger for it.

Sorry to Say that this beautiful machine is

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