Singer 201 Vintage Sewing Machine

This Singer 201 is the machine that many sewing machine lovers call "The Best Sewing Machine Ever Made".

She's an all-steel, gear-driven, powerful, straight-stitch sewing machine built back in the days when pride of workmanship was was a driving force in manufacturing. She's smooth and quiet, and oh, so sturdy.

She uses universal needles and standard class 66 bobbins, the second most common in the world after the class 15s, and available everywhere, and she features a built-in canned motor that gears directly to the main shaft for full power transfer and that power is geared directly to the lower end and then to the hook.

She's one of the best loved and most sought after sewing machines in the world and she's just come off our restoration bench where we lovingly brought her back to her youthful best.

We got deep inside her to clean out all of the sticky residue and dirt. We took her mostly apart and scrubbed her parts in an alcohol bath before polishing and inspecting each one, and then testing each system as it was restored to the machine.

She's a sweet machine. We think you will like her.

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