Small but Powerful Singer 185

If you've ever sewn on Singer's model 66 (red eye, lotus, etc.) or it's scaled down version, the 3/4 size model 99, you'll know what to expect from this model 185. She's the "updated", "modernized" look for the model 99.

This pretty 3/4 size machine is small enough to fit in the RV or your tiny apartment, yet she's a fully-powered machine capable of sewing multiple layers of heavy material or garment leather.

Sew quilts or dresses, sew up that handbag or moccasin, make clothes for the new baby or a costume for the con. She's up to it.

She's a simple, straight-stitch machine, about as basic as you'll find. She does one thing and she does it well, and that's sew a nice, strong seam.

Since she's just come off our restoration bench, she's clean, clean, clean, all the way through, and she's running and sewing like a new machine.

She uses universal needles and standard class 66 bobbins, both of which you'll find everywhere, and she'll come with a .pdf user manual which you can view on-screen at whatever size suits your eyesight, and/or print it out so you have a copy to keep with the machine.

She has a super-cute carry case which has a repaired crack in one corner, as you'll see in the photos. It's visible, but the repair is strong and smooth. She also has a chip in the paint which you can also see in the photos, and she's pretty anyway.

She's a machine you'll bond with and fall in love. She'll sew with you for the rest of your life and then for your children and grandchildren.

Sorry to say that this pretty Singer has been sold!

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