Singer 15-91

vintage sewing machine

Singer's famous 15-91 is one of the world' best-known and loved sewing machines. With it's built-in, direct worm gear drive motor, this all-steel machine is strong and reliable.

This lovely 15-91 is in remarkable condition with all of it's decals intact and it's medallion still shiny (original shine, not polished up), and it's working parts in excellent condition. Of course, as with any machine that's actually been sewn on, it has pin scratches on the bed.

She's a straight-stitch machine with dropping feed dogs and reversible stitch, and she uses standard needles and standard class 15 bobbins, available everywhere. In fact "class 15 bobbins" are the ones designed for the Singer class 15 machines, which were copied all over the world. If you ever hear of a vintage machine referred to as a "clone", this is the parent material that they sprung from, a machine so excellent that it was worthy of being copied.

She's just come off our restoration bench so she's clean inside and out. Most of her systems have been disassembled and scrubbed in our alcohol bath to remove the decades' worth of crud that builds up as the old oil evaporates over time, and becomes embedded with dirt and lint.

We've taken apart the tension, the hook and bobbin case, the motor, the needle and presser bars and their linkages, the gear transfer case, and more, and we've inspected the cords from the point that they solder into the inside of the motor, and attach inside the foot control to their ends, to seek out any bare wires or deteriorating insulation.

The parts that remained on the machine were flushed in place and lubricated with our special blend of oils.

At this time she's still available. Bring this fine machine home to your sewing room, today.

Sorry to say, she's SOLD!

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