Vintage Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine

If you want to sew on one of the best sewing machines that Singer ever made, here's one for you at an affordable price.

Famous and beloved by sewists and quilters the world over, this is the awesome and powerful Singer 15-91. She's a strong, straight stitch machine capable of sewing multiple layers of heavy material or garment leather, or sweet little baby clothes.

She uses universal needles and common class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world and available everywhere.

We've chosen her out to be one of our affordably priced machines and she's been tested, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and then tested again to be sure that she's running and sewing perfectly. We chose her because, though she's in excellent condition and a perfect candidate for restoration, her clear layer of shellac is slightly yellowed and imperfect.

Her finish has been stabilied and she's been treated with a polymer polish so she's clean and lovely.

Our painter would have loved to repaint and re-decal her but we chose to send her out to be loved and appreciated just as she is in her imperfect perfection.

Sorry to say that she's SOLD!

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