Singer 15-88 Centennial Hand Crank Sewing Machine

This beautiful vintage Singer 15-88 sewing machine came off of the production line on December 19, 1949 so she was badged as a Centennial model in anticipation of Singers 100th anniversary.

This is the machine that's been copied all over the world, just because it's so awesome. If you hear someone proudy call their machine a "clone", this is the mother of all those clones.

We've removed the electrical parts as part of the restoration process and because she's so fine, we decided that she was worthy of receiving one of our hard to find, original Simanco hand cranks.

She has her original factory finish and the small area of pin rash shown above has been treated and touched up.

Most of her systems have been disassembled and her parts scrubbed in our alcohol bath to remove the decades of dried-on oil and grime, and then polished before being restored to the machine. The parts that remained were flushed in place and lubricated with our special blend of oils, formulated to get deep into the dry movement points so her parts can slip, slide, and whirl against each other on a thin film of slippery oil.

She's been carefully adjusted, tested, and readjusted until she's sewing perfectly and effortlessly.

In case you've never owned a hand cranked sewing machine you may wonder if she has the power of a motorized machine. Truthfully, she has more power with the crank than with a motor. In the photo above, you'll see the sewed sample on the machine bed. If you look closely, you'll see that we sewed through a double-thickness of the pant leg hem from a pair of heavy duty denim jeans, and it was effortless. We didn't have to force it or lean into it.

What she doesn't have, and what you won't miss, is the buzz and the electrical field of an electrified machine. You'll relax to the quiet rhythm of her fine, precision mechanisms as you create wonderful things with her.

Sorry to say that she's SOLD!

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