Singer 128 Centennial Blackside Sewing Machine

This beautiful Singer model 128 was made in 1951 and painted in the krinkle paint finish. Rather than chrome-plating, the various plates were blued with the blackside treatment to protect them.

Badged as a Centennial machine in celebration of Singer's 100th anniversary, this is a perfect trifecta of desirable characteristics.

She's been up on our restoration bench and had most of her systems disassembled, and her parts scrubbed in our alcohol bath before being inspected, polished, and then restored to the machine. Her motor has been opened up and cleaned and her commutator polished, and her wiring has been thoroughly checked out for safety. She's been tested and adjusted so that she's sewing at her best.

Her front slide plate has a small amount of residual pitting but her slide plates and needle plate have been polished down to shiny metal and then re-blued to their original shade.

Her lovely bent wood case has been refinished to a satiny hand-rubbed waxed glow, and though it has some biffs and dings from 70 years of protecting this fine machine, it's sturdy and intact.

Not just a jewel in any collection, this is a machine that's ready to do the work she was made to do.

Sorry to say that she's SOLD!

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