Super De Luxe
Automatic Zig Zag

The Remington Super De Luxe is a striking machine. Boldly designed in the late 1950s chrome-rich "Detroit" style, this fine, precision sewing machine is one of the very smoothest running, and most powerful machines I've used. There are a few machines that have truely impressed me, like the Pfaff 130, some of the Berninas, and a few of the lesser-known brands, like this Remington.

It's been very well preserved and is in excellent condition, both inside and out. The precision mechanisms inside are beautiful in their finely machined perfection, and other than some scrapes in the paint, to the left of the needle plate, the usual pin scratches, and some minor chips along the edge of the bed, the exterior finish is very good, as well.

You'll be hard pressed to find another machine this nice, and you just can't buy anything like it, new.

To really get the feel of this excellent machine, check out the demonstration video I've made, showing this machine in action.

It's been carefully cleaned, oiled with high-quality sewing machine oil, and greased in all the right places. It's been inspected, adjusted and thoroughly tested. Sew your projects, light, medium, and heavy, on this wonderful machine. It will be yours when you click on the Buy button, below.