Beautiful Remington 175 Super DeLuxe Vintage Sewing Machine

What a pretty machine! Built in mid-Century Japan, this elegant Remington Super DeLuxe is one of the most attractive sewing machines ever made; the colors, the styling, the features.

She's not just a pretty machine, though. She's engineered and constructed with Japanese diligence and commitment to quality.

She's strong and fast, able to power through multiple-layers of heavy material and even garment leather, and also easy and gentle on medium and delicate materials.

You'll sew straight-stitch, zigzag, decorative and utility stitches, and even button holes with a touch of the awesome mechanical selector. No diodes, no transistors, just precision gears, slides, levers, and springs, gliding on a thin film of high quality lubricant.

She has an instant-release sewing foot pressure adjuster, easy bed-mounted feed drop control, and push-button reverse so she'll be a dream for quilting, applique, darning, and free-motion sewing.

She uses universal needles and standard class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world and available everywhere.


And she's clean, clean, clean, all the way through because she's just come off our restoration bench where she was disassembled and her parts cleaned in the alcohol bath, before being polished and restored to the machine.

Once she was adjusted and tested, she was meticulously cleaned and polished by our fastidious detailer, Joanna Darke, to clear away the years of collected grime from the exterior, to bring her back to her beautiful best.

Joanna Dark, meticulous detailer

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, we've been doing this for more than twenty-five years and we're good at it. We've restored well over a thousand worthy sewing machines and shipped them safely to every part of the country and beyond.


Sorry, she's SOLD!

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