Treadle Pfaff 130-50010 Vintage Sewing Machine

First, this beautiful Pfaff is sold as the head-only, due to the expense and hassle of shipping furniture. Pick up a treadle stand locally for this awesome treadle Pfaff or, if you live close enough to pick up the parlor cabinet from us in Western Oregon, we'll include the lovely parlor cabinet at a reasonable price.

The Pfaff 130-50010 is not a common machine so it's sought after by knowledgeable sewers, everywhere, and to find it in treadle-ready format is even more desirable. A treadle machine with zigzag capability is a treasure.

This is the famous German-made Pfaff 130, one of the strongest of the precision machines of the previous century, commonly found in tailor shops, theater costume departments, and even in industrial applications. This Pfaff 130 also has the built-in fancy-stitch attachment, the 50010.

Here at Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, we've had her up on the bench and had her apart so we could clean off the decades of dried-on oil and dirt from her parts, and then polish them before restoring them to the machine.

Now her parts are slipping, sliding, and whirling on a thin film of clean oil as they were meant to, and she's been tested and adjusted until she's running and sewing perfectly.

Bring this uncommon machine home to your sewing room today and we'll make a how-to video just for you that shows how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, and how to use the various settings, and we'll show you on your own Pfaff machine.

Sorry to say, This one has SOLD!

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