Precision Sewing Machine

Here's a real pretty little machine. This is a solid-steel, Japanese-made machine, capable of sewing lightweight, medium, and heavy fabrics. Watch the video, below, to see it sew flannel, 8-layers of heavy denim, and leather.

As you can see in the photos, this machine is in almost pristine condition. Someone got this machine, maybe as a gift, tried it out, and then put it away for several decades. It's nearly brand-new!

Although it was clean and new looking, it's been carefully cleaned, lubed, inspected, tested, and then carefully detailed to bring out it's beauty.

It uses standard sewing machine needles and standard bobbins, available wherever sewing supplies are sold.

The touch-up paint that was applied to some places where it had chipped dried a little dark, and though it's visible, it doesn't detract from the overall beauty of this fine machine.

What this means for you, is a slightly lower price than we'd normally charge for a machine this nice. You'll get a nearly-new machine that will last you a lifetime, for a very reasonable price.

Will it affect the guarantee?

This machine will carry the same Lifetime Guarantee that we offer on all the restored machines we sell. We believe in these fine machines and we have confidence in the work we do. Click on the link, below, to visit our website and read our guarantee.

Here's a demo video that we've made, so you can see and hear it sew.

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We're independent sewing machine techs, who restore the best of the old, steel sewing machines, because they're far better than anything you can buy new. We're also hopelessly in love with the cool old styling. To see all the other machines we've restored and which are available right now, check out our on-line store, at We'll see you there.