Pfaff 130 Vintage Sewing Machine

The German-made Pfaff 130 is one of the pinnacles of sewing machine greatness. A machine that's, not only beautiful, but also powerful enough to sew as a light industrial machine in a factory setting, a machine that's often found in tailor shops, theatre costume departments, and in the homes of serious sewers the world over.

Built just after the second world war in Western Germany with high quality steel and German precision, she's a machine that will sew your light, medium, and heavy-duty projects equally well. She sews straight-stitch and zigzag, and features an easy, bed-mounted feed drop and 3-position needle home setting.

This Pfaff 130 came to us without a timing belt so she's been dismantled, entirely, to get to the deepest pieces at the heart of her mechanical being so we could install a brand new timing belt, and her parts and pieces were scrubbed with alcohol to remove the film of dried-on oil and dirt that builds up inside a vintage machine over the decades and slows the free movement of her various systems, and then each piece polished and carefully restored to the machine.

We've handled and inspected each and every piece and tested and adjusted each system as it was restored to the machine, and then the finished machine as a whole, so now her parts are slipping, sliding, and spinning on a thin film of clean oil as they did when she was new.

Her finish was a little worn and she needed a new coating of fresh paint to look her best. She was, of course, originally painted black, and we could have gone with her original color, but since she was already torn down to her bare body casing, we opted to give her a new look. Nothing frivolous. She's a machine with a quiet dignity so we chose a color that reflected her aplomb.

She stands complete, tuned and adjusted, looking lovely and sewing beautifully.

Bring this fine Pfaff sewing machine home to your sewing room today, and we'll make a personal, final test/orientation video just for you on your own machine, that will show you how to thread her, how to wind the bobbin, and how to use all of the various settings, so you'll be sewing right away and doing it right.

This wonderful Pfaff 130 sewing machine will be the gem of your sewing room.

Sorry to say, This one has SOLD!

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