Heavy Duty German Pfaff 130 Sewing Machine

This heavy-duty Pfaff 130 has just come off the restoration bench, and now that she's been cleaned of the old, sticky, dried on oil and grime inside, she's running fast and smooth.

Once again, all of the parts can whirl, slide, rotate, and slip freely like they did when she first came off the shelf.

We've had her apart and her parts were scrubbed in our alcohol bath before being polished and restored to the machine. Each system was tested as it was completed, and then the machine as a whole was tested, adjusted and tested again, until now she's running and sewing perfectly.

As you can see in the photos, she has the gooseneck light and the big German-made nahmotor.

Although she has the gooseneck light, she does not have the stitch pattern mechanism on the back and should not be confused with the 130-50010.

She comes with her original user manual and an attachment set in a beat-up Pfaff accessory box.

Bring this powerful Pfaff 130 home to your shop or sewing room today.

Sorry to say, she's SOLD!

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