Custom Singer 128 Antique Sewing Machine

We've long wanted to marry the beauty and functionality of a fine vintage sewing machine with the work of a contemporary artist and in our recent series, we've commissioned a number of successful artists to create with free reign, their own concept for each machine.

This fully restored Singer 128 machine from 1910, went to cartoonist and animator, Nick DeAngelo, creator of the animated segments of the TV show, Graveyard Carz.

Nick created and hand painted a restrained, yet dynamic design, reminiscent of the unshackled art seen in the underground comic world. The work is signed by the artist.

The machine, itself, is Singer's early 3/4-size machine which we had apart to scrub her components in our alcohol bath. Each piece has been handled, inspected, and polished before being restored to the machine so that now her parts slip, spin, rotate, and slide against each other on a thin film of clean oil, as they did when she was new.

Her bentwood case has been refinished to a silky smooth, hand-rubbed gleam, and it's inside fittings repainted to reflect the theme of the machine, including the vintage oil can bracket which comes with the appropriate vintage Singer oval oil can (empty for shipping).


The case key was hand-forged by blacksmith Ivan Cauldwell of Art of NiĆ°avellir, along with a matching, hand-forged sewing machine screwdriver set. The case latch has been cleaned and oiled so that the lock turns smoothly and easily.


Singer created this machine to be operated by hand-crank and later, when electricity became a workable part of most homes, produced the same machine with a light and an electric motor. We've included both options with this beautiful set.

This original motor is of the early design from when the engineers were still figuring out how to mount a motor on a machine, so it has the early style, chromed and spring-loaded tension pulley which keeps the proper tension on the belt. This design works so well that it appears that the later, sliding motor bracket design that replaced it may have been a cost saving adaptation. While not exactly rare, it's uncommon and very rarely seen.

Additionally, we've replaced the original rheostat-type foot control with an electronic one for smooth, infinite speed control.

Switching over to the hand crank is not difficult, though it requires the use of a screwdriver, so we've included a step by step demonstration in the orientation video that comes with your machine. While in hand-crank mode the lid remains off the case due to the very slightly larger spoke hand wheel that pairs with the hand crank. The switch-over operation takes about 5 minutes and can be easily done by anyone who is at all handy.

Watch this short clip from the orientation video to see the hand crank option in action.

The included video, featuring our beloved demonstrator, seamstress and technician, TR Kelley, is a detailed guide for all of the aspects of machine operation, and you'll see how to wind the shuttle bobbin, how to insert it into the bullet-shaped shuttle, and how to insert the shuttle into the machine. You'll see how to thread the machine, how to sew with both the motor and with the hand crank, and how to adjust the various settings, plus a few tips for better results with your fabric and thread.

Included with the machine is a full set of vintage attachments with a spare bobbin, and a Singer 128 user manual. Additional bobbins and an array of accessories can be found all over the internet.

She uses the standard 15x1 needles found everywhere.

Because we believe in these beautiful, built-to-last-a-lifetime machines and in the work we do, we offer this free, lifetime guarantee: If you ever have a problem with this machine, bring or send her back to us and if it's something we can fix, we'll fix it for free. You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

Bring this beautiful, absolutely one of a kind Singer 128 home to your sewing room today, and with proper care, she'll last well beyond your lifetime and she'll become a beloved family heirloom.


Nick's work and contact information can be seen here:

Ivan's contact and work can be seen here:

Photos with plain white background by Deadwood, Oregon photographer, Kate Harnedy. Her work is worth checking out, here:

Facebook/Instagram @katehphoto


To avoid damage that could occur with a heavy steel object tucked into a thin wooden shell and then committed to the shipping industry, case and machine will be shipped separately.

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