New Home Type H Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty New Home Sewing Machine front quarter view

The New Home Type H is a powerful, straight stitch sewing machine with the strength to power through 8 layers of heavy denim and through multiple layers of garment leather without any effort. It will also sew quilts, curtains, little dresses, and small projects with equal ease.

Rear View of a New Home Type H Sewing Machine

As you can see, there is no belt to drive this machine. The motor has a friction wheel that directly drives the hand wheel to power the machine.

Front View of a New Home Type H Sewing Machine

It features an all-steel drive, with solid steel gears to transmit power to the hook and the feed.

View of the Medallion Emblem on a New Home Type H Sewing Machine

This machine comes with our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. If you ever have a problem with this machine, you can return it to us and we'll fix it for free. Read the details on our website, here.

You can see this machine sew and hear it run, here.

We made this video just for this machine, as we do for almost all the machines we restore.

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