Necchi BF Sewing Machine

As you would expect from a fine European sewing machine, this Italian-made Necchi BF is as beautiful as it is precision.

Powerful and capable of sewing 8-layers of heavy denim or canvas it will also sew your delicate and lightweight fabric.

The carry case it comes in opens out to display your machine and to give you easy access to the accesory drawer and bobbin storage. It also lifts off like an ordinary case top.

This beautiful Italian machine comes with the fine array of accessories shown.

It's just come off our restoration bench and it's running and sewing like a new machine. The tension, the motor, the hook and bobbin, the hand wheel and the body have all been opened or disassembled and checked for problems and potential problems. It's been opened up and inspected, then cleaned from the inside-out. We've tested, lubed, adjusted, and tested again. We've re-coated the machine with shellac to protect the original finish and the near perfect gold decals. We've left all the marks and signs of a lifetime of use, pin scratches, chips, etc.

Did I mention the Free Lifetime Guaranty?


We believe in these built-to-last a lifetime machines and in the work we do.

If you ever have a problem with this machine, just bring or send it back to us and if it's something we can fix, we'll fix it for free.

You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping.

Sorry, this beautiful machine has