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Soon, we'll add lots more to this page, small items, accessories, sewing related items, and more, as time allows.

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Some of the links in the new small items area may lead you to pages that are still in progress. Email us if you're interested in anything that's not priced yet.

Uh, sorry to say, but again we're a little behind on this page. Every one of the machines shown below has sold. We'll update it as soon as time allows, but for now you can see all of the machines that are available now, here.

Sew Everything Workshop
Step-by-Step Begtinner's Guide

Singer Gift Basket
for Slant Needle Machines
401A,Rocketeer, etc.

Misses' Blouse Sewing Pattern
Size 16, bust 34

Color Coded Attachment Set
with Cue Cards
for Kenmore or similar machines

Kenmore Decorative Zigzagger

Jetson Case Button holer
Choice of straight or Slant needle

Vintage Singer Skirt Marker

Button Holer
for Vintage White Sewing Machine

Thread Storage Box
Beautiful Handcrank New Home Avona Model t-3
Beautiful Handcrank
New Home Avona Model T-3
Wards Streamline Vintage Sewing Machine
Montgomery Wards
Supreme Reversable
Kenmore 117-589 Vintage Sewing Machine
Kenmore 117-589

Japanese DeLuxe 195
Strong, Straight-Stitch, Class 15
Stunning Japanese-made Remington Vintage Sewing Machine
Singer 401A Vintage Sewing Machine
Beautiful Singer 401A
Slant o Matic
Swiss Bernina 1130 Sewing Machine
Swiss Bernina 1130
Brother HA6B2 Citation model 180 Vintage Sewing Machine, made in Japan
Brother HA6B2 Citation-model 180
made in Japan

Built in West Germany by Gritzner/Pfaff
White 651
Japanese Housekeeper De Luxe Sewing Machine
Japanese Housekeeper De Luxe
Japanese Singer 223 Vintage Sewing Machine
Japanese Singer 223

Wards HBC
made in Japan by the Happy Industrial Corporation

Kenmore 1792280
Electronic Sewing Machine

Kenmore model 117.580
Japanese made

Kenmore 18141(Flatbed 19141)
made in Japan

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