Morse Fotomatic IV Sewing Machine

This machine excites me. The styling is so bold and 1950s American, with lots of chrome, and that sleek Rocketeer look. And the beauty is for real. This is a solid and powerful stitcher with some great features, like the fabric selector feed control which set the feed dogs for light fabrics like silk and nylon, the hinged thread spool pins that fold away for storage, and the indicator windows that show the machine settings with real analog displays.

With it's all-steel drive, it has the power to punch through heavy materials, as well as light ones. You'll be able to sew denim, canvas, leather, upholstery material, strapping, and much more on this very heavy-duty machine.

The mechanical pattern selector lets you click through twelve different stitch pattern options with the retro lever-advance system, and the buttonhole window has a similar click-advance selector.

There's no doubt that this beauty is a contemporary of the Singer Rocketeer, and as you can see in the photos, this machine is like new. It's been very lightly used and very well cared for.

It's been thoroughly cleaned and oiled with high-quality sewing machine oil, and greased in all the right places. It's been inspected, adjusted and thoroughly tested, and then lovingly detailed to restore it to the beauty you see now.

Included with this fine machine is the original owner manual and a complete accessory kit. Kit includes an oiler, a straight stitch needle plate, and a full array of presser feet (even a darning foot, and a ruffler), most of them still in their original bags and boxes. There are even two double needles included.