Morse SuperDial R5L

Morse badged this fine SuperDial machine as, "World's Best", and that's easy to believe. At the time it was at the leading edge of sewing machine technology and with the quality of workmanship and materials, it really was one of the best.

We've been deep inside her to bring her back to her very best. The various systems were dismantled and the parts scrubbed in an alcohol bath before we polished them and restored them to the machine, testing each system and assembly as we went. The shiny, clean parts glide and rotate against each other on a thin film of high quality oils.

Some of her great features include a bed-mounted feed drop control and an instant-release sewing foot pressure control. The stitch length can be locked to make equal length stitches in forward and reverse, or left free so you can vary the stitch length as you go.

She uses universal needles and standard class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world and available everywhere, and with the 1.2 Amp motor she has all the power you'll need to power through thick, heavy material and even garment leather.

I am Mike Kraemer and I did the work on this fine Morse machine. I attest to her great condition and the fine quality built into her in mid-Century Japan. Linda Shuler was your detailer, and her work is impeccable. Along with the rest of our crew, we are Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machine, and we've restored over a thousand worthy machines and shipped them all over the country and beyond.

Because we believe in this fine, built-to-last machine and in the work we do, we offer this Free, Lifetime Guaranty. If you ever have a problem with this machine, just bring or send her back to us and if it's something we can fix, we'll fix it for free: You, of course, will pay for any parts or shipping. Read the details here: It's short and in plain English.

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