Kenmore 950 Sewing Machine

As with all of the Kenmore sewing machines that were built in Japan, this Kenmore 950 is a fine machine, fast, smooth, strong, and pretty. It's all metal and heavy-duty.

If you're looking for a capable, reliable sewing machine that's not going to give you fits in the middle of your project, this one is a machine that you can count on to finish the project, every time.

The needles are the common ones used in almost all sewing machines, and the bobbins are the normal class 15 bobbins used in hundreds of different machines, so you will find them in all your local department stores.

You can drop the feed teeth and take the pressure off the sewing foot for darning, quilting, applique, and any free-motion sewing, easily, and you can return to regular sewing with just a quick press down on the chrome button on top.

The controls make sense, too. Move the lever up or down for longer or shorter stitches, turn the knob right or left for zigzag or straight-stitch. Easy.

If you want decorative stitches or utility stitches for special jobs, this machine has a little door on top that you can lift and put in a pattern disk. You'll find the disks everywhere on the internet when you're ready to start using them.

Best of all, it's just come off our restoration bench (we are famous for our work), and it's running and sewing like a new machine. Plus if you have any problems, we'll fix it for free.

The tension is adjusted perfectly and the bobbin winder winds evenly.

Plus, shipping is free unless you live outside the lower 48 States of the US. Even then, we'll pay the first $50.00 of the shipping to far-off places.

With this machine you can sew regular fabric, and you can also sew lightweight material and heavy stuff, or even garment leather.

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