Powerful Kenmore 904 Vintage Sewing Machine

Definitely one of Kenmore's finest ever, the 904 is a solid, fast, and strong machine. She's much in demand and loved throughout the sewing community.

She's a straight-stitch and zigzag machine that will sew multiple layers of heavy material and garment leather, as well as medium and delicate fabrics. With the included stitch pattern cams, she'll sew scads of utility and decorative stitches, too.

She has dropping feed dogs, and an easy, dial-type sewing foot pressure adjuster, plus she has 3 needle-position settings. Her reverse is a button directly below the stitch-length adjuster and her stitch-width adjuster is self-locking (just push in the knob before you turn it).

She uses universal needles and standard class 15 bobbins, the most common in the world and available everywhere. Plus, she'll come with a full set of stitch pattern cams and a buttonholer, as well as a .pdf user manual that you can view onscreen at whatever size suits your eyesight, and/or print it out so that you can have a paper manual with the machine.

With her full set of stitch pattern cams and buttonholer set she's ready to go to work now.

Be aware that this is a heavy machine. She's packed with lots of high-quality steel parts. If you have limited arm-strength you may want to consider picking up a cabinet for her at your local thrift store rather than using her on the kitchen table.

This Kenmore 904 has just come off our restoration bench where she's been cleaned through and through, inspected, adjusted, and then tested again to be sure she's running and sewing at her best.

We disassembled most of her systems to scrub her parts in the alcohol bath and then polish them before restoring them to the machine. We took apart her motor and lathed the commutator before lubricating and testing. Her tensions and her various bars, links, pivots and such were cleaned and inspected and then the parts that didn't come off were flushed and lubricated in place.

Now she's clean and fresh and ready to come home to your sewing room to become your sewing partner for life.

Make this sweetie yours and with proper care, she'll last for the rest of your life and beyond.

Sorry, she's SOLD!

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